My goals and motivations

Nos encanta vivir el deporte en todas sus vertientes, disfrutamos descubriendo rutas, siguiendo eventos, entrenando, compitiendo, probando material, etc. Y queremos que tú te lo pases igual o mejor que nosotros.

My physical characteristics

My height

1.80 m

My weight

75 kg

My clothing size


My birthplace

Arround the world

My favourite brands


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18/10/16 - We have updated this post to include the video showing highlights of the event, and the link to the general classification. Winners of the Women's Section: Júlia Busquet & Núria Pinyes and Winners in the Men’s Section: Álbaro Lafuente & Jesús Ibars Download general classification. [video_post] But it’s not just the mountaineers taking part in the Rally who will have a place in Terradets that weekend. Slopes such as El Pedalet or La Font Freda, or sports climbing sectors, offer good alternatives for climbing without having to take part in it, and will allow you to still share the remaining activities, which like every year...

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The latest of these campaigns comes from the Spanish Cancer Society (AECC) in collaboration with Nox, who aim to add a touch of pink to the Paddle Tennis courts to help in the fight against cancer! You might be wondering… How can I help? You too c...

We´re speaking to David Bustos

2016-10-17 00:00:00

#NRC #nikeair #davidbustos #runnerinn

You changed from living in Palma, to Cantabria and now you're living in Ibiza. Thanks to its sun and incredible beaches, I can get an idea of how I would rest after preparing as well as competing and of course, get away from all of the pressure caused by t...

#thenothface #mountainfestival #trekkinn #tradeinn

Climbing, hiking, trail running, rafting, paragliding, canyoning, meetings, workshops and music. Everything under a constant rain that accompanied us during the three days of the event, but when you’re with the great mountaineer Simone Moro, and climbers...

#glmascaros #spartanrace #reebok

Today we are proud to interview Gloria Mascaróa, a member of the official Spartan Race Spain Team.  A big warrior who flights every day to be in the top places of this epic race. Good morning Glòria, could you explain to us what is a Spar...

#Pikotech #cryptic #camouflage #speargun

Made out of high elastic polyester, the brand offers us different options, shirts, hoods, shoulder covers and total cover. Look at the video and see for yourself. [video_post] The principal characteristics of this product are: T-shirts: * Strong and el...

#killianeverest #salomon

But all of us know that to reach his first challenge over 8000m, he’ll need another great ally, the equipment. And how could it be different: Salomon has a special importance on it. If you want to get one of them, here you have the list of the materia...

Training 5K Run- Session 8

2016-09-06 00:00:00

#womenrace #livetradeinn

After the last training session in Banyoles, we are going back to the training sessions in intervals, this week we suggest you three sessions: * Firstly, four 1000m interval in Z4, recovering all the way back while walking or jogging depending on your level...

Training 5km run- Session 7

2016-08-29 00:00:00

#5krunning #womenrace

If you live close to Girona or if you are spending your holidays here, you are lucky, as we are going to present to you a small paradise where you can go running across soft grounds on the shore of a beautiful lake. ¡Welcome to Banyoles lake! Banyoles...

#UTMB #Columbia

Please remember, if you have companions participating, you can follow them on the official website: And if you want to live the pure trail running feeling during these days , you can also enjoy the conferences and shows: List...

Training 5km run - Session 6

2016-08-22 00:00:00

#5km #womenrace

This week we propose to you a first interval training session and a second one with a smooth ride of about 30 minutes. It’s important to leave two days between the sessions. The Interval training will focus on improving our pace, for this reason we will ...

Islandia coast to coast

2016-08-12 00:00:00

#icelandcoasttocoast2016 #cicloturismo #adventure

Apologize for the inconvenience, we are translating the text... At the moment you can read in the following languages: SPANISH  ITALIAN  ...

#tradeinngames #swimminn #bikeinn #runnerinn

Do you believe you have what it takes to be the best in the challenges we propose: running, swimming and cycling? Show to the world by competing in the Tradeinn Games! The aim is simple, if a man or woman you have an objective: race the maximum number of k...

#womenrace #tradeinngirls

Como siempre os planteamos dos niveles, un primer grupo que realizará una ascensión de 35’ y un descenso andando rápido de 20’ y un segundo grupo que realizará una ascensión de 40’ y un descenso, corriendo e...

#cursadeladona #myxrun #tradeinngirls

This week we will continue reinforcing the core and legs, for this motive we will combine these more specific sessions for continued running on a gradient. Remember that you have the forum at your disposal in order to be able to clear up any doubts or simply e...

#cursadeladona #myxrun #tradeinngirls

As the name already implies it involves all the work of the core, the area that includes the abdomen and lower back, we could say that acts on the strip around the waist and the lower limbs connects with the upper. There are many aspects to improve this area, ...

#myxlab #myxrun #runnerinn #salomon

Yesterday at 19.30 p.m we gave our first Tradeinn Xlab, an event organized by Triatló Girona Costabrava in collaboration with Beer Runners Girona and the Girunners. The challenge was simple: Try the new Salomon Sonic and to get the most likes with ...

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We remind you that there is a forum space at your disposal where you can tell us any doubts and feelings. ACCES FORO GROUP Here is the plan for this week! [medio_post]   Exercise routines for body position and ankles: 1 – Running on ...

#womanracegirona #myxrun

The training is very simple, we have planed two days a week for training to help them to achieve their challenge. We have opened a thread on the forum to answer questions and share any doubts. We leave the link here: ACCESS TO THE FORUM TELL ME I CAN'T ...

#runnerinn #nikie #myxperince

They say that if you have not run with Pegasus 33, you have not run. You have run a lot right? You could say that is the shoe as a rule, is the meeting point for many running fans. There is no training for which Pegasus cannot measure; now Pegasus 33 will be ...

Week 25 is here already!

2016-06-20 00:00:00

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Link to the official pages: America’s Cup: Euro 2016: Livigno Skymarathon: Men's WPWL 20016:


Links to the official pages: Tourdesuisse: America’s Cup: Euro 2016: IAFF Combined Events Challenge Ottawa: ...
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