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Join the challenge, Tell me I can´t...

Published on 04/07/2016 00:00

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Have you ever heard … I can´t run 5km! The correct answer is: Yes you can and we will show you how. A group of girls from Tradeinn have formed a group to train for the 5km women race on the 2nd of October. Would you like to join them?


The training is very simple, we have planed two days a week for training to help them to achieve their challenge. We have opened a thread on the forum to answer questions and share any doubts. We leave the link here:


During the first sessions we will get to know our body and we will prepare ourselves to start running, so we recommend you to leave your GPS at home for a few days and concentrate on yourself, that you listen, pay attention to the changes that your body goes through during the race, that you find your own pace and rhythm, etc…

Every Sunday of every week we will post the training schedule on our blog, we advise you to take rest 2 days between sessions so that your body can recover. Also, keep in mind that the training schedules are general, so they are not adapted for every individual, in all conscience we are not responsible for any problems that may derive from following the training schedule.


Body workout: Exercise routine to strengthen your ankles:
1-Tiptoeing up and down without letting your heel touch the ground.
2-Walk on your heels lifting up the tip of your foot.
3-Walking while lifting up your knees to the chest, landing on the front of your foot.

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