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Training 5K Run- Session 8

Published on 06/09/2016 00:00

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There is only one month left for the Girona Womens Race, the challenge that we’ve been preparing for during the last months. The aim is to participate in a sport event for a good cause which is the fight against cancer.


After the last training session in Banyoles, we are going back to the training sessions in intervals, this week we suggest you three sessions:

* Firstly, four 1000m interval in Z4, recovering all the way back while walking or jogging depending on your level.

* Secondly, a soft 40min running or jogging, each one at your own pace.

* Thirdly, riding a bike or hiking during 1h30 , the pace isn’t important, the important thing is to spent 1h30 doing exercise.


Workout: we will focus on top, bottom and side abdominals.
Let's go girls! The challenge is in our hands!

Important information: Please remember, that the training plans are generic and aren’t adapted to the needs of each individual, we are not conscientiously made responsible for any problem which may be derived from following this plan.

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